Are hats waterproof?

The exterior panels on our hats are water resistant. We have sourced the highest quality water resistant materials for the exterior panels and underbim.

Upon inital contact the water will repell off the panels but with consistant contact with water it will start to soak in, this is perfectly normal and will go back after being left to dry in a well ventilated area.

Do the hats float?

Yes, we have designed our hats with a boyant brim so that they float.

Can i wash my hat?

Yes, our hats are water friendly and love a good bath. Simply run the hat under some water and clean with a soft cloth or your hand. To try remove stains you can use gentle soap and rub in circular motion with a cloth. You can also use the soap to clean the headband after excessive sweating.

Once clean leave the hat to dry in a well ventilated area, with sun to speed up the process.

do the hats show sweat stains?

Our hats are sweat resistant and the outer panels won't show those ugly sweat stains. The soft sweatband will hold the sweat at the time of use but dry quickly after. You can simply clean the sweatband with some water and rubbing with your hand, left to dry.

International shipping?

You bet! Checkout our shipping detials here: Shipping Information

my new hat was damaged

We are sorry to hear that your hat was damaged upon arrival but we will send you a brand new one.

We do require some proof of purchase and of the damage but you can learn more here: Returns Policy

custom hats

Want custom hats? Yeah, lets chat!

Learn more here: Custom Projects